From July 1, 2019. The name and address of the company have been changed.
New company name:
Energopiast Sp.o.o
New address:
ul.Polna 12
55-011 Siechnice
The logo of our company has also changed.


Energopiast completed a delivery of three sets of acoustic enclosures for compressing aggregates for a gas mine in Republic of Uzbekistan.


Once more, our company received a prestigious award “Diament miesięcznika FORBES”.

Acoustic silencers

 Silencers of fumes outlet of energetic boilers – based on many years of our experience in the acoustic sector and cooperation with proven partnership companies we are able to complete even very complicated tasks regarding silencing of fumes outlets of energetic boilers. Every project requires an individual approach, detailed analysis, simulation and efficient coordination at each stage of task completion.


 Silencers of fumes outlets of compressing aggregates – for fumes outlets of quite low flows we use pipe acoustic silencers. Depending on the required reduction these silencers are manufactured in the form of empty devices or with the inner sound absorbing stem. The average silencing of the pipe silencer amounts to 15±20dB/A.


 Reflexive silencers – in the unit with a proceeding silencing chamber there are installed directly in the outlet from the installation. The reduction of noise emission provided by this type of silencer strongly depends on the frequency. According to individual needs the revision eyehole can be installed in the silencers’ chambers. The average silencing of this silencer amounts to 25dB/A ±30dB/A.


 Silencers for gas coolers – mostly they are silencers of air flow made in the form of sound absorbing channels. Depending on the required efficiency of silencers we deliver channel, slot (i.e. plate) or cellular silencers. The silencing level depends on the type of silencer and its dimensions.