Energopiast completed a delivery of three sets of acoustic enclosures for compressing aggregates for a gas mine in Republic of Uzbekistan.


Once more, our company received a prestigious award “Diament miesięcznika FORBES”.


The competition jury of Innowacje 2000 together with an organiser Forum Biznesu awarded us the title of Laureate of the competition Innowacje Roku 2010 for a system of acoustic EP-coustic® panels.

Institute of Administrative Services (ZUG)

The Institute of Administrative Services (ZUG) offers:

  • daily cleaning of industrial establishments

  • development of actual and periodic “hygiene schedules” for establishments

  • adapting the industrial chemicals to individual needs of the Customer

  • special services – washing the windows – laundry and removing stains from carpets – protecting the plastic floors with the polymeric coatings

  • thoroughly cleaning of construction establishments

Administration of outer areas:

  • hardstanding areas – mechanical cleaning of huge areas

  • green areas – design and arrangement of green areas, landscape creation

  • actual nurture of trees, bushes and hedges

  • nurture and renovation of lawns

The quality of our services is proven by standards and quality marks. The competent and experienced personnel will help you to solve every problem of cleanliness or to adapt the service to specific needs of the Customer.

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