From July 1, 2019. The name and address of the company have been changed.
New company name:
Energopiast Sp.o.o
New address:
ul.Polna 12
55-011 Siechnice
The logo of our company has also changed.


Energopiast completed a delivery of three sets of acoustic enclosures for compressing aggregates for a gas mine in Republic of Uzbekistan.


Once more, our company received a prestigious award “Diament miesięcznika FORBES”.

Sound Insulation Institute (ZIA)

The Sound Insulation Institute (ZIA) deals with designing and implementing the vibroacoustic protections within the scope of environmental protection in the vicinity of industrial plants and of work conditions in the plants. Its region of interest covers many industrial branches, such as power industry, gas engineering and metallurgy together with design and delivery of the vibroacoustic protections for machines, devices and complete technological lines.

Our complex offer in acoustic protections includes the following:

Noise analysis – A detailed analysis of noise propagation in the target area is the basis for every project of silencing the complex industrial establishments. The analysis conducted with the specialised software enables to simulate the application of various types of sound absorbing-insulating protections and to determine their estimated efficiency. Such a procedure ensures the optimal choice of protections already at the pre-project stage, maximum silencing level of the establishment and reduction of the cost of silencing.


Designs of acoustic protections – a full analysis of acoustic data collected from manufacturers of noise generating equipment at the stage of investment plan preparation as well as gathered during measurements at the stage of improvement of already existing establishments enables the optimal selection of protections. In our planning and design office we have the possibility to develop technical conceptions and the final design of sound absorbing-insulating protections.


Protections for power industry – silencing of noise sources which endanger the environment: compressor stations, water pumps, fumes extraction fans together with engines, reloading equipment, cleaning equipment – filters, coolers.

Silencing of noise sources which endanger the workplace: mills, fans, turbines, generators, network and supply pumps, electric engines and transmissions.

Transformers silencing – noise sources: winding and core vibrations together with magnetostriction (cyclic extending and shortening of a core), fans and oil pumps used for cooling the transformers.

 Protections for gas engineering – silencing of noise sources of the gas compressor stations: gas turbine + gas compressor, gas engine + gas compressor, suction and delivery pipelines, air inlets and fumes outlets, other sources.

 Protections for heavy industrial plants – iron and steel, cement and extractive industry. The complex silencing of this type of establishments often requires a development of solutions for dozens of noise sources located in different places of many-hectare area.


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