From July 1, 2019. The name and address of the company have been changed.
New company name:
Energopiast Sp.o.o
New address:
ul.Polna 12
55-011 Siechnice
The logo of our company has also changed.


Energopiast completed a delivery of three sets of acoustic enclosures for compressing aggregates for a gas mine in Republic of Uzbekistan.


Once more, our company received a prestigious award “Diament miesięcznika FORBES”.

Institute of Conveyor Belts (ZTT)

The Institute of Conveyor Belts (ZTT) has competencies which allow you to maintain the full technical performance of conveyor belts. Our highly qualified experienced employees guarantee the highest level of services. Our technical service uses the materials of the highest quality and is available to you in case of failures and defects. We are also involved into design, completion, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the conveyor belts.

Moreover, we are a direct importer and distributor of conveyor belts:

We execute all tasks concerning rubber elements of the conveyors, and in particular:

  • delivery and connecting the material-rubber belts by the following methods: cold, hot and with the use of mechanical connectors
  • repairs of conveyor belts
  • protectoring of conveyor belt drums
  • service of seals, scrapers and other rubber elements
  • thresholding of conveyor belts
  • rubber protection of steel constructions

With many years of experience in the belt transport gained, among others, because of the cooperation with Poltegor-Instytut and KOGENERACJA S.A we can guarantee:

  • reliable services

  • professional attitude to activities

  • high quality of works


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