From July 1, 2019. The name and address of the company have been changed.
New company name:
Energopiast Sp.o.o
New address:
ul.Polna 12
55-011 Siechnice
The logo of our company has also changed.


Energopiast completed a delivery of three sets of acoustic enclosures for compressing aggregates for a gas mine in Republic of Uzbekistan.


Once more, our company received a prestigious award “Diament miesięcznika FORBES”.

Sheet metal working and powder paint room

Metal sheet cutting


Guillotine for metal sheets: CNC HVR 6100x6 Manufacturer: Ermaksan

Cutting to length 6000 mm and for the maximum material thickness of 6 mm


Metal sheet bending

Bending brake: CNC AP 6100x220 Manufacturer: Ermaksan

Tools characteristics:

  • For metal sheets of thickness of 8 mm (max. length of breaking-bending 2500 mm)

  • For metal sheets of thickness of 6 mm (max. length of breaking-bending 4500 mm)

  • For a material thinner than 6 mm (full range of bending up to 6000 mm)

Powder painting

The line for powder painting allows applying painting coatings on details of maximum size of: length up to 6000 mm, width up to 450 mm and height up to 1300 mm.

Depending on the environment conditions, in which the painted detail will be used, the following painting systems apply:

  • epoxy powder paints – apply mostly for protective-decorative purposes. They are used in interiors and are not resistant to atmospheric conditions. However, they are characterised by high chemical, anti-corrosion and mechanical resistance for different types of oils and detergents.

  • thermosetting epoxy polyester powder paints – recommended for interiors. The coating is characterised by the perfect level of resistance to mechanical damages, different types of chemicals, detergents and fuels.

  • polyester powder paints (SP) (on basis of polyester resins) – resistant to UV and atmospheric conditions, perfect mechanical and anticorrosion characteristics. Mostly the system is used in construction, machinery and automobile industry and in every field requiring high coating resistance.